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Hearts on Hearts on Hearts :)

VALENTINE'S Day FUN -- Here are a few ideas to use in your classroom during February!

  • CLOTHESPIN HEART RELAY Make a string across a reachable place in your classroom (bookshelf/chairs/bottom of board). Each team will have a basket, red felt hearts (at least two per student), and clothespins. On your start the first student takes a heart from the basket and runs to the clothesline to hang it up with a clothespin. Then he or she runs back to the team and tags the next player. This process continues until all the hearts from the basket are hung on the line, and the team that empties their basket first wins the game. MAKE IT EDUCATIONAL Math Skills: Add numbers to the hearts and have students arrange in sequence, if older or have a skill that seems to get them hung up like skip counting by 2's or 5's label the hearts this way - one way is to hand them the hearts in order on each of their turns so they can build the sequence and together as a class you can read it at the end. Or have a poster or guide with the skip counting to reference and solve position of the numbers as they go. You can always pause and move the hearts to make room as they are adding the numbers to help, as you practice the skill. Language Skills: Add rhyming words to the hearts and have the students match up on the string with matching rhymes. This would require you to put one of the rhyming hearts of each pair prior to the game on the string. You could also break the students into teams and create two games to go on at the same time and race against each other.

  • HEART MATCH SKILL SETS There are so many fun crafts and games to play with hearts. They are the perfect shape. Print, cut and use these hearts at a center or with a small group to practice fluency in one of these Math and Language/Writing skills.

Number Words 1-20, Base Ten Numbers 10 - 100, Writing Synonyms Level 1, Writing Synonyms Level 2, Writing Synonyms Level 3 Click HERE to go to the FREEBIE PACK! :)

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