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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

It's the start of another school year... and my tenth year teaching. To say I will have taught for a decade after this year makes me pause and really reflect on "MY WHY". Teaching is tough, teaching is constant, teaching is rewarding, teaching is rising to the occasion, teaching is different, but most of all teaching is love. My experiences as a teacher have always reminded me of that being a teacher is part of who I am. As my life and family has changed over the past four years, and I was able to spend a wonderful summer at home with my babies, I look forward to this year here's to "10".

Member Access - I have created different membership plans to meet various needs among members. I have created extensive curriculum support materials for the Core Knowledge program, a portion of these items will still be accessible, free without membership. However, the level of access to materials will vary among membership plans. Details of what materials are included in each plan. Other beneficial educational resources I have created will also be available both as freebies and as a member.

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