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and here I am...

So... TEN. Ten days after I began this blog, redirected my plans for, began to layout the bigger and better things I can do for other teachers...everything changed.

On September 8th, I lost my father, suddenly to a heart attack. I have had loss before and I am not unfamiliar with the pain, however, this is so very different. I am the oldest of three girls and we all still live in the same area we grew up. We also all still do 90% of things together - we are just that kind of family. Less often it would only be just my husband, two children and I. So, especially since the grand-babies came into the picture four years ago, we have been even closer.

Don't mind his photo shop efforts :)

My dad, posted this picture when I had my son Maxon and wrote "I'm so happy to have a grandson." Self-proclaiming himself, from then on to be called "Turbo". I can tell you all the wonderful things about him and how is was the best, but his absence is more than words can describe. Turbo is so greatly missed and this weight is heavy.

So when I say everything has changed. Everything has changed. I spent one day of the new school year, my TENTH year teaching with my 8 year co-teacher and new class...and now cannot find myself going back, at least not for now. I tried but have never been so removed from something in my life. With this, many immediate changes have come into my life, including my mom now living with us. Balancing my old life and this new reality is not something I can do right now.

A little over a month has passed, I am missing teaching but know, I cannot be how I need to be for my students right now. I am taking a leave from school, but using this blog/website as an outlet for the teacher in me. So I ask, bear with me, hug your loved ones and be thankful for each and everyday.

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